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Hi there…thanks for visiting!  Since I am in the process of updating the Mommy Magic sites, I decided to direct everyone to  this new blog…or should I say…resurrected blog!  Anyway, starting next week, I will be posting here as well as having guest bloggers.


If you would like to connect, just send an email to me at: adria@mommymagic.com



Wow, I’m FINALLY starting this blog!  Having never taken the time to figure out how best to start one (because I thought it would be way too complicated) I feel fortunate to have waited long enough for technology to make it so easy!

Soooo…WELCOME…I’m so happy you stopped by!  My goal is to make this so fruitful, inspiring and MAGICAL, that you will want to come back again and again. Although I am sure that the best part will be hearing from you!

I truly want this to be a place where you can come and take a rest, smile, be encouraged, and then go away with a useful tip or a bit of inspiration that will enhance your efforts in creating the best environment possible for your precious children, while connecting with them on a deeper level.

As for me, my four adorable and incredible children have grown up way too fast! However, it is because of that wonderful experience that I feel I can be there for you when you need someone who has “been there, done that.”

Since I love to write poetry, I decided that a poem would be the best way to start.


The magic of a mother’s love

Brings harmony and bliss.

It covers like a blanket

And cures booboos with a kiss.

It offers grand protection

From evil that lurks ’round,

It tames the fears of little ones

And turns frowns upside down.

It holds a wealth of wisdom

With gentleness it guides.

It holds the hand when needed

Then lets go with tears of pride.

And though those precious childhood years

In an instant pass,

The love and magic she instills

Will last…and last…and last.

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